October 1st, 2006
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As I mentioned yesterday, the beautician recommended two products for my daughters’ softly-curling hair. Both are made by Dudley Cosmetics.

Dudley’s PCA Moisture Retainer is a leave-in moisturizing hairdressing that can be used every day. The beautician called it ‘light-weight’ and said it would add shine. If put on loose hair just after washing, she said it would preserve that just-washed shiny ‘ringlets’ look all day.

The other product she recommended was Dudley’s Creme Press. The website describes it as a light, creamy oil blend designed to coat and protect the hair from the damaging effects of excessive blow dryer heat. The beautician said it would help braids not get ‘fuzzy’– keep them fresh-looking longer– and it could be used with a blow dryer to straighten the hair. (More on straightening tomorrow.)


I have been pretty happy with my Suave 2 minute conditioner. Its $1.50 price tag beats the $10 price tag of the PCA all to bits. But I always use it along with water because it is too heavy to just put on the hair alone. And after hearing what the beautician had to say about the drying effects of applying water every day, I was game to try something different.

The PCA feels oiler that the Suave to me– more similiar to “Motions” conditioner (the kind in the pink bottle). The smell is pleasant and rather mild. Like lots of products, it goes on the hair white, and has to be rubbed in well with the hands before it disappears. It gives the hair a really nice shine right away.

The bottle said to use a dime-sized amount. I could not easily comb her hair till I had put a half-dollar-sized amount in her hair. I was able to comb through her hair easily after that. It wasn’t quite as slick-feeling as my usual Suave/water combo. But it worked well.

The first time I tried the PCA, I simply combed my daughter’s hair out and let it dry. It dried very shiny and soft, with no white flakes at all. The slightly oily feeling remained all day, though it didn’t feel oily enough to actually get oil on things. When my daughter lay down on our leather couch, for example, she didn’t leave a mark.

The second time I used the PCA, I did her hair with a bunch of braids. I combed thru the hair with the PCA. Then before beginning each braid, I put a tiny dab of the Creme Press on my fingers and ran it down the section of hair that I was about to braid.

The Creme Press also has a pleasant, extremely mild smell. It is waxy. I actually had to scratch a little out of the container with my fingernails. But it softens quickly with heat. It did seem to make the braids look glossier and smoother– no fuzzies. Even at the end of the day the braids looked super crisp– not a speck of fuzz. I am hoping these braids will last my daughter a little longer than usual.

So far I am optimistic about both these products. I will let you know how my daughter’s braids look in a few days. I have the feeling that the Creme Press is going to be a great help.

Regarding the PCA, my only concern so far is build-up of product. If you are only washing the hair every week or two, and not even wetting it in between, will the oil and silicon in the PCA build up, attract dirt, and feel heavy? We’ll see.

I’ll try to give you all an update on these products after I have used them a week or two.

7 Responses to “Suave vs. Dudley- – Hair product showdown”

  1. scads5 says:

    So helpful!!
    Thanks for being so willing to “go before” us who wait to bring our sweeties home…
    I appreciate you consistently coming up with helpful topics!

  2. Anne says:

    Mary, I really appreciate your posting about hair issues and products. As you know, I’m feeling less than confident about Juleah’s hair future…I’m sure it will all work out, but it helps so much to read about others’ experiences. Thank you!!

  3. Peanut says:

    The products you mention I am not familiar with so I can’t comment on their effectiveness. I would however look at the ingredients to see if mineral oil or petroleum is listed. From all I have learned with my son these can become harmful to black hair if used in eccess. I have discovered that although many still prefer the products (because they are cheaper & more readily available) mineral oil & pertoleum can “seal” the hair, but leave it dry and cruncky underneath. Unfortunalty it does nothing to actually “condition” the hair. For my son natural oil products have been very effective. I had his b-mom (who is from Kenya) tell me his hair is almost like a little plant & these natural oils (like Jojoba, coconut,almond, shea butter…) actually feed the hair and are readily absorbed into the hair shaft to condition to the core of the strand. I also found that using shampoos with sodium laurel or sodium lareth sulfate (as in most average shampoos) can coat the hair & weigh it down with build up. I have found a great shampoo that uses casteel soap which is vegitable oil based. We use several products from my two favorite sites…

    1)Rosemary Mint Shampoo w/Sea Moss
    2)Hair Balm,sweet almond & coco butter (after washing while wet)
    3)Mimosa Hair Honey (every morning we wet hair and apply this)

    also try…

    1)Shine & Define styling serum
    2)Whipped pudding shea based cream (this smells like a yummy dessert and can be used on rough skin too!)

    I know my son’s (Kenyan in heritage) hair seemed different from other black children we know. If your advisor thought you might be using too much oil, perhaps natural oils will work for your daughter too.
    Good luck as you search for all the right products for your child! I know everyone is different so your experimenting as a mom will find you what works best for your daughter. I hope you found my own experience helpful & were not offended by my sharing my favorite products.

  4. Brian says:

    We only shampoo when the product buildup gets to be to much (about once a month). We find that using MOM (Miracle Oil Moisturizer) conditioner (not leave-in) in the bath every other day does a good job at cleaning the dirt off the hair without drying it out.

    Have you used Lets Jam Gel? I wonder how it compares to the Cream Press. I like the way the Lets Jam works, but I think it is petroleum based, so we don’t use it much.

  5. ccochran says:

    Do you know the ingredients in Dudley Creme Press Hairdressing.

  6. motherearth1973 says:

    Personally, I don’t like hair products like Dudley or Motions on my daughter’s hair. After a while it does begin to cause a build-up. Soft n Precious detangling spray is light with a nice baby fresh scent and makes it easy to comb through the hair w/o pulling the hair and causing damage. When my daughter’s hair could use a littler extra moisture I use just a small amount of the Soft n Precious creme hairdress. They have a shampoo but I haven’t tied it yet. In my experience many black hair have not done well in mine or my daughter’s hair. You have to find a gentle product that works well and stick to it. Also I notice the hair has more shine when washed and rinsed in luke-warm to cool water. My water is filtered which could also be helpful

  7. spottv says:

    My name is Valerie Jones Dudley beauty advisor #5066. I just wanted to reply and let you know that Dudley truly offers some of the best hair care products for people of color!


    Dudley Offers superior products that have ben
    used for years in our community.

    Yes it may cost more than suave but it is far mor superior and Isn’t your child worth it?


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