January 5th, 2011
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933878_african_children_looking_upThe fastest growth in African adoptions is centered in the country of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is located in the ‘horn’ of Africa. It is a country that is economically on the rise according to today’s journalist. Yet, if you look deeply into the state of this country, you will see that it is suffering the effects of poverty and illness. The number of AIDS deaths are on the ascent and the children are being orphaned at alarming rates.

All of that being said, it is one of the fastest growing countries for international adoption. The October 2010, version of the East Africa Forum states that there are over 5 million orphans in this one country and that its government is stepping up to do something about it. This same forum showed that the projections of 2010 adoption were almost one-quarter filled by Ethiopian children. This is taking a small bite out of a seemingly insurmountable number but is starting a trend that in the years coming, will begin to change a country.


These children have seen the realities of poverty and illness. They have often been reduced to the position of beggar in their own societies, yet hope is there. There are American agencies working with the Ethiopian government as well as American senators and high-level politicians. All of these people are working for the children who remain in Africa, helping to get them into homes and schools. They are also helping to facilitate adoptions to cut down on the over-crowding issues that are prevalent. There are many agencies working with stable families to promote transracial adoption. Most of these children are being adopted into Caucasion families and the government of this country (though a little leery of international adoption) has been impressed with the children and how they have flourished in American families.

Caution must be taken when pursuing any adoption and Ethiopia is not exempt. A reputable agency is a must. There are many agencies that are developing their adoption locations to include this one. Its governmental leaders are committed to accomplishing these adoptions ‘correctly’ and have been commended as  the one that “…other countries should look at what [Ethiopia] is trying to do (Susan Jacobs, State Dept Special Advisor on Children’s Issues.)

Ethiopian adoption offers hope for children in a land that is trying to regain its ‘footing’. The hope of the orphaned child’s future is the topic of great importance to Ethiopia’s government. This will allow for an open door for the next generation.

Ethiopia is not a Hague Convention adoption country.


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