April 18th, 2009
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Today is Easter in Ethiopia. Last year we were in Ethiopia on Easter. Listening to the churches and singing was amazing. I’ll be honest when I say I was annoyed at first with the early hour! The Muslim call to prayer was always really early, so I would wake up and then go back to sleep. On Easter the call just kept going and going and going. That’s when it hit me that the singing was coming from the Orthodox Christian churches. It was very symbolic of the country. No matter how you feel about Christians or Muslims, it is nice to see the two very distinct religions getting along so well. I was told that the Muslims and Christians in Addis Ababa respect each other in regards to holidays and feast/fasting days.


The Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Church services are quite long, about four hours I have read. All the men sit on one side and the woman and small children on the other side. This is why we have not gone to the Ethiopian church in Columbus that we found. I realize that this my sound trite, but I cannot imagine visiting a new church and sitting through a very long service with four children all by myself! Our church is much more casual and offers a children’s church as well. I do want to get in touch with this church sometime and see how they are set up and if they have functions we could attend. Yet another thing on my “Hope to do” list.

Traditionally children on Easter go door to door in their neighborhoods singing and giving small items they have made to people. They in return get small gifts and coins. I asked Mita and Enu about what they did on Easter and they did mention the singing. They also love to give lots and lots of little homemade gifts to people and I wonder if this tradition has fostered that in them. It is very sweet, albeit overwhelming at times when you are trying to wrap a gift or go to a party and the girls have dozens of birthday cards and pictures to add!

Today, my plan is to cook Ethiopian yet again. I have failed in making my injera mixture in time though and will be thawing out the frozen I bought a couple of weeks ago.

If you freeze injera I have found the following to be helpful:

* Roll the injera and pull roll apart into about three pieces.
* Wrap each roll in wax paper
* Use a freezer bag and lay flat.

I learned this the hard way after much freezer burn and a lot of freezer space taken up!

Today is also my day to teach children’s church. I plan on mentioning Ethiopian Easter to them and have an extended celebration with the kids. I know they will appreciate more celebrations!

Here are some pictures of Ethiopian’s celebrating Easter. Photos three through eleven are of Ethiopians.

Are you recognizing this day with your family? I’d love to hear what you have planned so I can steal the ideas for myself next year!

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