April 21st, 2010
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IMGP2005webSpring is here and summer planning has already started in many of our homes I’m sure.  In my house we start planning camps in February when Girl Scout Camp registration opens.

As parents or potential parents of Ethiopian children we have a responsibility to keep some of the culture in our homes.  I truly believe that we owe this education to our children and to their homeland.

While I believe that attending activities that embrace our children’s heritage I also know (from experience!) that our children don’t always embrace our activities!  Last year Mita balked at going to a New Year celebration, so we let her invite a friend. She was much  more willing to go since she didn’t have to hang out with mom and dad!  Remember no matter how much they act like they don’t like it, if you aren’t to over the top they really do appreciate the gesture.  Watching Mita at the coffee ceremony last year was magical and a moment I will never forget.  She of course scoffed at it in the beginning!


In the summer of 2009 we attended the first ever Ethiopian Culture and Heritage Camp in Virginia that was amazing.  We had a great time and learned a lot about being an Ethiopian adoptive family, and the Ethiopian culture.  The camp was great for kids and adults alike and the best part was that it was run by actual Ethiopians and it was not exclusively for adoptive families. This gave us an opportunity to get out of the adoptive family sphere and to experience Ethiopia with native Ethiopians and first generation Americans.  I regret that we cannot attend this year (Disney wiped out my energy and money for another road trip so soon!), but I encourage you to find out more about this camp if you are close to Virginia.  The early bird rate is only good through April 23rd.  The dates are July 22nd-July 25th You can find out more at this link.

 A few more camps and opportunities I have found are:

African Cradle Camp

Adoptive Families Magazine Camp List

 Please leave a comment on your families culture camp experience or of any other camps that you know of that are not listed!


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  1. fiona1 says:

    As parents/potential parents, was anyone affected by the supension of the Australian-Ethiopian adoption program late last year? (2009)
    Many people have been complaining that their adoptions were postponed…
    Adoption has definitely been made more difficult, but I’m not sure if the reinstatement of the program means it is any better…

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