August 20th, 2009
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Ethiopia is made up of several ecosystems. I will not try and disect them because I found a site that does such a beautiful job doing just that and doing it very scientific I might add!

The actual breakdown:
Major Wetland: 1 %
Desert and Semi-desert: 2 %
Grass and Shrub: 41 %
Crop and Settlements: 4 %
Interrupted Woods: 32 %
Major Forests: 20 %
(Groombridge 1992)

So what exactly is happening in Ethiopia’s ethiopia-s-animals-ecosystems-and-what-i-2? Is it climate change, human impact, natural causes or a cyclical occurance. Personally, I think it is a bit of all of those things. Again, I think the best way to help Ethiopia is by education. Education to the locals in Ethiopia could make such an impact on how things are done.


Ethiopia has eight National Parks. We were fortunate enough to be able to go to one of them during our trip. When we were touring Awash National Park I asked our tour-guide why most of the big game is gone. She told me that a lot of the locals still kill lions and other animals because they want more land. I’m sure she is right in some aspect. People want land. That is a basic desire of most I would say, a place to call your own and to work and feed your family with.

It seems that we humans do the most damage (what a shock!). Burning brush to make way for farm fields destroys fragile ethiopia-s-animals-ecosystems-and-what-i-2, which in turn leaves native animals no place to live.

A balance between humans and nature is tricky for any society. In a country where there is extreme poverty, disease and conflict it would be especially challenging.

A few organizations trying to help Ethiopia with this balance are the following. I encourage you to do your research before supporting any organization and rely just on my words.

Children/Education (Education is the key to solving any problem!)
Ethiopia Reads

Environmental Groups (land, plants and animals)

African Wildlife Foundation
Greener Ethiopia

Feel free to add other organizations that benefit Ethiopia’s Ecosystems and people. No SPAM allowed and please don’t post something that you will profit from!

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