April 16th, 2010
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Ethiopia268The adoption process is always a complicated one fraught with worry.  A roller coaster ride that leaves you feeling a bit dizzy.  One of the reasons we decided on Ethiopia was the fact that it was a stable program and pretty straight forward.  This was two-three years ago mind you.  Our adoption went very smooth, yet still caused me to obtain more than a few gray hairs!

Recently some changes have been made to the Ethiopian adoption process that have changed the program dramatically.  I have tried to simplify some of the changes for you. Here is the link to the State Department for the entire message.


Starting May 9, 2010, At least one parent now has to appear at the court hearing for the finalization of the adoption.  Before  a representative of the agency could appear for you.

This change eliminates the possiblity for escorting your child home.  A mandatory trip also increases costs dramatically for parents who were planning on traveling as they have to return for the embassy date a few weeks later.   Increased time off work, another ticket, possible needs for childcare for the kids at home and a slew of other things that two trips can complicate.

So why the changes?  I have read a lot of blogs and posts talking about one of the reasons is that a few parents have not taking their children home upon meeting them.  This is an entire post itself!  Also the increased complaints of unethical adoptions, relinquishments have caused several complications. Several  orphanges have lost their licesnses as well and been shut down.

With all of these changes we will have to see how the numbers of adoptions in Ethiopia are effected. Ethiopia may loose some of it’s “popularity”.  Time will tell.

I would love to know how the above changes have effected your Ethiopian adoption or the possiblity of you adopting from Ethiopia.



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3 Responses to “Changes With The Ethiopian Adoption Process”

  1. spbratton says:

    There was a great conference at Grace family Baptist Church that really impacted the way I view adoption. You can pick up the audio from this this website: http://www.churchandfamilyreformation.org. This is WELL worth the money. Also, everyone should pick up a copy of the book Adopted for Life by Russell Moore.

  2. fiona1 says:

    I am also wanting to know how the suspension of the program late last year affected people wishing to adopt from Ethiopia, as adoption processes were stopped mid-way…
    The reinstatement of the program, has made me ask the question: is it any better at stopping the exploitation of teh program? Or just more difficult for those wanting to adopt?

  3. gonefishinginsa says:

    Hi, I know in Australia the waiting time to adopt from Ethiopia is 7-8 years and this was prior to the government stoping adoptions because of child trafficking. We were devestated when we discovered how long it took, we have now chosen China as the wait is much less. I also think the legal process is better. I know of people that adopted from Ethiopia, when they went to collect the child they kept being delayed. The reason for the delays were the child was in hospital and was very ill, this was kept quite and they were advised to get her immidiate medical treatment on arrival in Australia. I have friends that adopted in Ethiopia and were told there twin boys were 4 years old but later found out they were 6 ?

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