Ethiopian Culture Opportunities

April 21st, 2010

IMGP2005webSpring is here and summer planning has already started in many of our homes I'm sure.  In my house we start planning camps in February when Girl Scout Camp registration opens. As parents or potential parents of Ethiopian children we have a responsibility to keep some of the culture in our homes.  I truly believe that we owe this education to our children and to their homeland. While I believe that attending activities that embrace our children's heritage I also know (from experience!) that our children don't always embrace our activities!  Last year Mita balked at going to a New Year celebration, so we let her invite a friend. She was much  more willing to go since she didn't have to hang out with… [more]

Changes With The Ethiopian Adoption Process

April 16th, 2010
Categories: Finances, In The News

Ethiopia268The adoption process is always a complicated one fraught with worry.  A roller coaster ride that leaves you feeling a bit dizzy.  One of the reasons we decided on Ethiopia was the fact that it was a stable program and pretty straight forward.  This was two-three years ago mind you.  Our adoption went very smooth, yet still caused me to obtain more than a few gray hairs! Recently some changes have been made to the Ethiopian adoption process that have changed the program dramatically.  I have tried to simplify some of the changes for you. Here is the link to the State Department for the entire message. Starting May 9, 2010, At least one parent now has to appear at the court hearing… [more]