A Great Need

October 31st, 2012
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1259949_vegetables_1This adoption program has definitely seen its ups and downs in the past couple of years. Yet, today is appears to have fully regained its footing and is on the right track. Having become a popular option for many of the families interested in adoption in the last couple of years, Ethiopia buckled a little under the immense pressure. That did not last long. Ethiopian adoptions are currently rising at a great rate. This is good for this country because the need is so pronounced. There are a staggering number of people in Ethiopia and poverty reigns. As I have said in the past, where there is poverty, the children will suffer. Ethiopia is such a place. There are a large number of… [more]

Ethiopian Adoption Going Strong

September 29th, 2012
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1272846_dumb-bellI am very excited about the adoption program from Ethiopia. It has rebounded so nicely from its former struggles and is looking toward growing their program. That is amazing since earlier this year this program was closed and in serious danger. That danger seems to have past and the future looks good. This is very good news because there are so many kids in this country that need a solid foundation. That foundation must come in the form of a forever family. Ethiopia is a developing adoption program. They had a large growth spurt which put pressure on their infrastructure. That pressure resulted in some reports of paper mishandling and misfiling. This caused Ethiopia to suspend their adoption program until they resolved the… [more]

Ethiopian Adoption Continues to Rise

August 30th, 2012
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992546_bondingEthiopia continues to work through its past issues and is offering one of the fastest growing adoption program in existence. The past year has shown some difficulties because of the rapid growth. Ethiopia has called upon the help of various governmental agencies to make certain their program is functioning correctly. There is a great interest on the part of prospective adoptive parents for this area. I am not certain if the reason is the incredible need that has been highly published through the media or the fact that many of the well-known actors and actresses have gone this route? The reason does not matter as much as the fact that so many children are getting the chance to realize their dream of… [more]

Ethiopia Back On Track

July 30th, 2012
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1361264_highland_coastEthiopia continues to work on re-aligning their adoption program. This comes on the heels of a [almost] complete system shutdown in the middle of last year that resulted in many prospective adoption cases being delayed. Since then, Ethiopia has stepped up and worked through many of their issues. Ethiopia is one of the most popular countries in Africa to adopt from. There are many children available and the screening process is monitored. Ethiopia, as a country, is wrought with poverty and disease. The need for adoption is great. The children that are adopted from Ethiopia are said to adapt well when adopted and have pleasant personalities. There are many sources for information about daily life after adoption available online. If you are interested in… [more]

Regaining Lost Ground

June 28th, 2012
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1327081_reachingIt has been awhile since I have blogged about Ethiopian adoption and am happy to be back on target. Ethiopian adoption has undergone some recent improvements to their adoption program. This is good news for those who are interested in adoption from this country. In the past, Ethiopian adoption has struggled under fraud and paper mishandling. This caused a major slowdown in the processing of dossiers. The backlog caused from this slowdown has been dealt with and Ethiopia is regaining its lost ground. One of the problems that the Ethiopian adoption program faces is that it has little governmental regulation in place and great need. Those two items coupled can cause trouble. Ethiopia is gaining better control of their program and working a… [more]

Great News!

May 24th, 2012
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1237610_teamwork_1Yes, you read correctly, there have been positive changes within the Ethiopian adoption program. This is such great news! There are many of you who have heard about the slow-down of prospective adoption cases and the 90% decrease in cases being processed. On May 10, 2012, a notice was released stating that Ethiopia had caught up on their caseload processing. According to the United States government intercountry adoption webpage, new cases are being processed within 2 days and wait time for birth relative interviews has changed to 1 week. This is intended to move the adoption process along at a faster rate. Let's hope that the program is stable enough to deal with cases at its current level without issues. The US Embassy… [more]

Ethiopian Adoption Remains the Same

May 6th, 2012
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358917_yield_in_the_name_of_loveWhat a fantastic morning to be blogging- it is one of those lazy mornings. I am snuggled up in my bed still. I have to say, "This is great!" I have done some research on the state of the adoption program in Ethiopia and have found that once again there has been no change. This is such a heartbreak to many of the people who desire to find their child from this country. Things are simply not moving along quickly. I wish I wasn't the bearer of bad news at every turn but unfortunately until Ethiopia can regain legal organization, this is how it will be. I noticed that I had a comment on my last post about people moving from the program. I have heard… [more]

2012, A Year of Change?

March 30th, 2012
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1084632_question_mark_3Sometimes, I feel as though I am a broken record when it comes to Ethiopian adoption and that I replay bad news every month. This month is no exception. The state of the adoption program from this country in Africa has not changed. For those of you who have not been following, the Ethiopian government discovered fraud and paper mishandling from various adoption agencies in 2011 and the program has slowed the number of cases it processes daily to offer further scrutiny to every case before it is approved. This has reduced the number of cases processed to 5- a 90% drop. What a difficult place to be. The Ethiopian government is not party to the Hague Convention thus do not have… [more]

An Adoption Program in Turmoil

February 29th, 2012
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1025341_learn_srb_1Ethiopia remains the most active country in Africa in regard to their intercountry adoption program. This is quite surprising since the last year has shown a major loss in numbers of adoption cases processed. Nonetheless, Ethiopia is the first pick for many prospective parents when looking to adopt from this area. I talked last month about the major slowdown that occurred in the processing of adoptions from this country, this is still the case. At this time last year, Ethiopia was working through almost 95% more cases on a daily basis than they are able to now. The reason, for those of you who are not a regular, is fraudulent behavior and paper mishandling was discovered. Children were said to be up for… [more]

Rebuilding Ethiopian Adoption

January 29th, 2012
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800747_trip_to_ethiopiaIt is difficult to believe that Ethiopian adoption has taken such a hit when the number of completed adoption cases from last year are reviewed. In 2011, 1732 adoptions from this country were finalized. Wow! That is an incredible number and serves to show just how dramatic the shift is going to be when the numbers from 2012 are counted. Ethiopia continues to struggle under the weight of misfiled paperwork and fraudulent activities. This has caused an almost complete shut-down on the part of the officials from this area in order to ensure that all of the children under their jurisdiction are being cared for properly. Earlier in 2011, it came to the attention of officials that children who where not properly documented… [more]